Thinking about opening a pressure washing business November 8, 2016

I know. I know.  I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’m all about the startup.  I love the excitement of launching a new enterprise.  Give me a shingle and a paint brush, and I’ll make a new sign.  But recently, I’ve been looking at service businesses.  You know, the kind where you get phone calls in to go out and perform a service for individuals or companies.  I know tons of people that have made great livings with their service businesses, like my buddy the plumber in Reno, or my friend that has a hood cleaning company in Sacramento.

But I was thinking about a pressure washing business.  Maybe I could specialize in doing flat surface pressure washing and make enough money to shape my life up for retirement someday.  Who knows.  Maybe I could become the best known flat surface pressure washing service in Reno.  Stranger things have happened.  At least I have the internet to help me market myself.

Can you imagine how tough it was to start a service business before there was internet?  I mean, you would have to plan months ahead in launching a business or nobody would know where to find you.  What did you do?

Well, the Yellow Pages – but you had to wait until it printed again.  Then there was radio spots.  Talk about feeling like you’re burning money!  I had a little computer store in the 90’s.  Our radio spots were keeping us in the poor house.  Drove me crazy.  I had one radio bill that I decided I just could not pay.  We spent thousands and the ROI was drastically negative.  So, I told the salesman – If I pay you, I have to shut my doors for good.  So I’d rather have your station sue me.  Then in open court, I can explain, for the record, how poorly your radio spots worked.

I thought I won that argument, but then his manager came by and claimed one of the computers in my store.  So, not only did I not get any business from the ad, but I lost a computer too.  Ugh.

Anyway, back to the original concept.  Knowing what I know about internet marketing and customer acquisition, I could open a pressure wash business and have customers in days.  Outside of insurance, everything else would be so easy to do.

Connie Johnson


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