Canon DSLR - Rebel T5i

Using a Canon Rebel DSLR Camera as a business tool March 10, 2016

I figure that as many pictures that I take for business, utilizing my iPhone for photography was not enough.  The iPhone is pretty good for shooting a quick picture of some scenery but using it for product pictures and equipment at customer sites – I just found that I needed more capability to get better quality shots.  So, I went for the Canon Rebel t5i camera and a variety of lenses.

Now, I look at some of the pictures that we have to use because they are from past client site visits and they look so rough compared to what we are shooting now.  Last month, I was on site with a client in Texas, called Pro Hood Cleaning. They are the best hood cleaning service in Denver.   Many of the pictures were usable, but I really felt that we could have done better.  Since the client is close to 2000 miles away, reshooting is impossible.

canon-t5iSo, it was time to pick a DSLR. I tend to lean toward Canon as a brand.  Since I did not want to go to deep into it (because I’m not a professional and did not need to spend as though I am).  The Canon EOS Rebel series looked great to me.  Within the Rebel line, there is some great choices for models.  I chose the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.  Moderately priced and full featured.

Now I’m learning the camera.  As I start taking pictures with it, I am learning a ton about lenses, aperture, depth of field, etc.  Most of my pictures right now are in my office and in my home.  My thought was that if I shot a few hundred pictures here, the next time I go to a client site and I have to take pictures of equipment, I can count on my knowledge of how to use my new tool.

One of the important things for me in my photography of equipment is the ability to take pictures where the item that is featured is in focus, and other things or the background are blurry.  This will drive the viewers eyes to the item that I want to concentrate on.  I have learned that the best way to achieve this is with a very open aperture and ‘prime lens’.  A prime lens is a lens that is not built to zoom.  So you have to zoom with you feet.  But the payoff is stunning quality and great blurring of the background.  Check out this practice shot of my dog.

Taggart the Dog

See how the carpet is blurry in front of Taggart the Dog, and the background behind him is also blurry?  It makes you draw your eyes straight into his.

Now, why is that important for taking pictures of equipment?  Well, if the equipment is on a floor with other equipment, a blur effect could make it stand out from the other gear around it.

Taggart approves

Taggart says “Rub my belly”

The other factor in the blur effect is the aperture of the lens.  The aperture is how big the opening is in the lens for allowing light into the camera.  The bigger the aperture, the more light.  But, oddly, the numbers go down to represent the wider opening.  It is called F stop. an F22 is a much smaller opening than an F stop of F1.8 .  It’s a little confusing, but knowing how it works is much more important than understanding the math of it.

I’ve had the Canon T5i in my hands now for about 2 weeks.  I am pretty intrigued by the quality of my pictures and I also get a kick out of using it. I am sure that it will add to the professionalism of the company when I take it with me onsite for equipment reviews.

Connie Johnson


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