Commercial Packaging Sytems March 6, 2016

LLDPE Stretch Film Extrusion Machine

LLDPE Stretch Film Extrusion Machine mainly uses to produce unilateral LLDPE stretch film. It is widely employed top technology and components. It has a super ability in producing the latest PE stretch film.

EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

This machine is used to melt away LDPE resin then mixed with butane gas, talcum powder and anti-shrinkage material to produce EPE sheets. With the advance single foaming technique and defend-blasting motor, this machine is been characterize as a high efficiency and user-friendly machine.

This PE Foam Sheet Laminator is to heat and melt PE foam sheets and then to laminate into thicker PE foam sheet. This machine is actually an assistant machine of PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line. It may also be used independently. Its design is of global universal design. It has advantages of good structure, full functions, simple operation, easy maintenance and long service life.

PE Foam Sheet may melt, with a certain pressure. This machine laminate 2 layers of the PE Foam Sheets together. When it is cooled, the product is a thicker PE Foam Sheet.

Mixture Dryer

This machine can be used to mix LDPE, LLDPE, PP and other raw material evenly with dry off function at certain degree. We can manufacture this machine with variety volume of material container based on customer’s requirement. The default model as below:

250kg (normal) mixer
250kg (Stainless steel) mixer
500kg (normal) mixer
500kg (Stainless steel) mixer
1000kg (normal) mixer
1000kg (Stainless steel) mixer

Plastic Bag Maker

This plastic bag maker machine is used in manufacturing of shopping mall vest bags and industrial production flat pocket with computerize control. It is user-friendly machine.

Plastic Film Blowing Machine

PP Plastic Film Blowing Machine is mainly used in the blowing-style, air-cooled, water and hot air drying the structure, the main electric motor regulation, applicable to the production of blow-molded polypropylene film.

PO & PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine

PO & PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine is mainly used for the production of polyethylene plastic film, the replacement of die wind ring, respectively applicable to LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE.

JXG-61500 Flexographic Printing Machine

This printing machine is adaptable to overprinting continually different graphics in 6 colors on all kinds of plastic film, cellophane paper, aluminium-foil and other material webs. Its features are listed as follows:

  1. Very good registration with clear printing.
  2. It can imprint graphics in 6 colors: 6+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3.
  3. It employed top technology of variable frequency drive for speed regulation and so very easy to adjust.
  4. Auto stop at material breakage and with auto counting devices.
  5. Easy and speedy adjustment of chromatograph & print cylinder.
  6. Dried by hot air. Automatic material unwinding/rewinding.
  7. Stable printing. Printing ink saving.
  8. Area-occupying is small. Saves workshop’s area.
  9. It can be used as a common coating machine.

120 x 210 Plastic Recycling Pelletizer

120 x 210 Plastic Recycling Pelletizer double screw double layer waste plastics pelletizer is used for PP, LDPE, and HDPE waste plastic recycling. It adopts programmed control, automatic temperature control and auto screen changer system.

The Auxiliary Unit Technical Parameters:

  • Diameter of Screw: 120 mm
  • Main Motor Power: 30 kw
  • Screen Changer motor: 2.2 kw
  • Grain cutter: 2.2 kw
  • Main Control system and Electrical parts: Japan and Taiwan
  • Extra size of Stainless water tank for cooling system.
  • 28 holes output.
  • Added extra unit of 60 w Transformer: 380~ 460 v
  • Output: 80 kg/h

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