Small businesses July 12, 2017

I’m 16 and thinking about what to do with all the money I make this summer. The first option I thought about was starting up a small business of my own. After all, you can go into any town and find at least one small business. Businesses are everywhere, and people need them with the increasing demand for services. Originally, I considered going into the plumbing business, but there’s already some stiff competition from the best plumbers in sparks NV. Then I thought to myself, “What are other ways to make money in the background while I can focus on building this business?

small businessAnd it hit me: baby products. People are gonna keep having babies, and the cost of having children has become exorbitant in recent years. The only way to go is up, and there is unlimited room for growth because if these baby products are all super expensive, I can remain competitive by lowering my prices. After all, I’ve seen what they charge for a box of blocks that I could make by hand for less than a dollar, and these people are charging over 10 times what I would. It’s likely not as nuanced as I’m perceiving it to be, but a little brainstorming never hurt anybody. If I could go back in time, I would invest in Amazon, the packing and shipping company. They didn’t make a profit for their first four years, but by now they’ve become a household name and all their stock holders are trading pure alpha.packing

I read somewhere that over half of restaurants go out of business within their first year, so that would definitely not be a good investment. Combining the fields of business and technology has always interested me, so I would definitely have a technological advantage over my competitors. This is all theoretical anyways. I’m probably too lazy to go find clients and I’m not charming enough to woo them over and assure a quality service that my competitors can’t. On the plus side, I was smart enough to start my savings account now so I’ll have tons of retirement money that will grow exponentially for 59 years.

Connie Johnson


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